Open Reactive Transport interface 3D


ORTi3D is a reactive transport modeling interface written in python.

Several models

ORTi3D provides several models:

  • MODFLOW 2000 / USG
  • MT3DMS
  • PHT3D
  • Min3p
  • Seawat
  • Sutra
  • OpenGeoSys

Qgis interface and batch mode

ORTi3D can be run in different modes:

  • Standalone interface based on Qt
  • QGis plugin
  • Batch mode (all parameters are available through a structured object oriented approach)

Main features

Spatial informations are grid independant thus grid (or mesh) can be modified at any time of the modeling process.

The interface provide an easy way to deal geochemistry (automatic reading of Phreeqc and min3p databases).


"It's a good day for modeling"

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